ATV Adventure

These 4-wheel motorbikes don’t easily capsize, if at all. These vehicles allow riders to maintain a low seating profile for better control and stability even on an extremely rugged dirt road. It can be driven with ease, without losing its balance, on the slopes of a hill or through steep mountain trails. Of course, before a ride, operating instructions and safety precaution are given by professional riders, who also act as tour guides. The ATV tour is also a good opportunity to discover local culture. It allows you to explore the remotes part of the island where you can observe the local folk doing their daily chores. You can see them tending their farms, picking fruits or cooking with the use of raw firewood. Samui villagers are generally friendly they would even invite you into their homes or even show you how rubber tapping is done. Along the way are full of surprises. At time you can see monkeys harvesting coconut fruits or rare  birds perched on a tree. Sometime, small forest animals will cross your path and then quickly dodge away.

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