Muay Thai - Thai Boxing

The vicious styles of Thai boxing, which utilizes almost every part of the body to fend off an opponent, is what makes the sport unique from world boxing. 

Thai boxing or Muay Thai, this sport developed long ago from combat training. It has become well known throughout the world, and foreigners who watch never cease to be amazed by the strange rules, or rather lack of rules. The boxers may use their fists for punching, their feet and knees for kicking or pushing, and their elbows for jabbing. They may strike any part of the opponent’s body. This is a great refinement of the boxing that took place years ago. Then, there were no gloves, the boxers’s hands and arms were bound with knotted starched cord, and there were even fewer rules. Now, it is less bloody. Visitors to the Kingdom should not hesitate to witness the exotic Thai boxing, which heads other renowned self defence disciplines including Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Karate. Muay Thai is the home-grown martial art in which every part of the body including elbows, knees, feet and fists become weapons of combat and are all used to devastating effect.

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