Regions of Thailand
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Regions of Thailand

Central Plains

Some of Thailand's most famous sights and places are to be found here, starting from the capital city of Bangkok, with all the glitter, the neon and the world famous landmarks. But you will also find the former Siam capitals of Ayuthaya and Sukhothai where their historical parks and ruins are part of the UNESCO World Heritage and a sight, not to be missed. If you don't want to go back that far in history: there is also Kanchanaburi and the notorious “Bridge over the River Kwai”. And those are only the popular places. What about a trip to a fascinating landscape with large lakes and endless fields around Uthai Thani? Get off the beaten track or stay right on it Thailand's central plain has a lot to offer.

Northern Thailand

Some come to Thailand's north because of nature. Mountains, green forests, rivers and a range of wild animals in some of the most magnificent scenic settings or national parks in the kingdom not to forget, Thailand's highest mountain.

Others come here for the culture. There is a number of temples to be seen, some the most revered or unique in Thailand. Ethnic minorities, represented by the many hill- tribes ad their colors and spices to the diverse culture of a diverse nation. Some just come here, because the climate is slightly cooler, compared to the rest of Thailand or because they want to experience more, than just beaches. The cities of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, peaceful mountain places like Pai or Mae Hong Song or the notorious Golden Triangle there is a lot to be seen and discovered in the northern part of Thailand.

Northeast (Isan) Thailand

The Isan is known as the poorhouse of Thailand and yet, there are many riches to discover here. The landscape changes with the seasons, from endless rice fields in the rainy period to tobacco in the dry spell. The food is a little more spicy here and the people seem to smile a little more. The short distance to Laos and Cambodia makes the Isan an ideal base- camp to explore Thailand's neighbors and it shines through in the architecture of the temples or in the traditional clothes and dances. Isan is also home to the popular “look toong” music and the holiday guest should not miss an opportunity to join in the fun, when the locals enjoy this happy mixture of folk- and pop music. Isan may be a rough and undiscovered beauty, but if you are willing, you will soon fall under her spell.

Southern Thailand

This is it: The Thailand, you have all seen on TV and in the brochures. Endless, marvelous, white, sandy beaches, palm trees, crystal clear water, island- dreams. And imagine how stunned you will be, when you find out, that reality looks exactly like a postcard in Thailand's south? You will find top- dive spots here, mystical bays full of small islands, like dark green pearls in an endless blue sea. Sunsets, that look like someone painted them onto the endless sky and a lot of possibilities to let go, recharge your battery and live your dream of being Robinson Crusoe for a week or two. Thailand's southern beaches are all you dreamed of...and so much more.

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