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About Us

Arlymear Travel Company is one of the country’s forward looking travel enterprises that has harnessed the latest technology to provide the highest quality travel products and services.

Our track record dates back to 1974 when the company was formed to handle the business of German tour operator NUR. It quickly expanded to offer comprehensive tour services to clients worldwide, without losing its distinction as a quality service provider for European tour groups.

The company roots were firmly established in the 70s and 80s raising Arlymear Travel’s profile as a leading inbound tour operator and pioneer of tours that reached almost every Thai province and beyond the borders to our Mekong region neighbour.

Veteran tour wholesalers in Asia and Europe will recall the strong service principles that were engrained in the Arlymear Travel philosophy by our founder Mr Glenn Stallard. It provided the foundation that has helped the company to grow into what it is today. Many of our staff have worked with the company since those early days developing the wide range of tour options we now promote to global clients.

But there have also been vast changes in products, back-of-the-house support features as Arlymear Travel has reengineered and created a platform that enables us to deliver new and savvy products for the new travellers. Arlymear Travel is a high tech travel company that has a comprehensive back-of-the-house system that can interface with our overseas customers. It streamlines the processes that were before manual, time consuming and possibly prone to human error.

Today Arlymear Travel is proud of its history that makes it one of the oldest inbound travel companies in Thailand. We are equally proud of the steps we have taken to upgrade, embrace technology while maintaining the highest level of hospitality and attention to detail for our customers. The company has grown from a simple inbound ground handling service for a German wholesaler into an independent full service destination management company currently serving customers worldwide.

We are particularly strong in the Americas including the new emerging markets of South America plus our established markets of the USA and Canada. Europe was our foundations in the 70s but it still constitutes a major client base with Austria, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom providing our core business. Add to this our newer markets such as Finland, Norway and Sweden.

A reputation for innovation in travel product design has seen us make inroads into specialized markets such as Hong Kong, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Russia.

Our specialty in the leisure inbound market, is our ability to design new features into a itinerary, add a wow factor and deliver quality at a price underscores Thailand’s undisputed claim as a value for money destination. Innovation and creative travel planning has seen Arlymear Travel expand into the incentives and conference markets where our experienced management team listens to and interprets our clients wish list to build a programme that will be memorable.

The list of incentive successes is almost endless but they include organising events for companies from the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics, insurance, banks and petroleum industries. Arlymear Travel’s team has the experience and track record acquired from handling successful leisure and events related business over three decades. But for customers today we deliver cutting edge ideas that will make an incentive or event buzz. Our leisure business is built on quality and thrives now on the team’s ability to deliver innovation and creativity that combines Thailand’s top destinations with new elements and features of the Land of Smiles and its neighbours.

We are confident that we can put together a winning proposal for your leisure travel and incentive or events requirements.

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